Smartphones are not just a device. They play a big role in our life. They are the first thing that we search for when we wake Up in the morning. So its important to care some things before you go for your new Smartphone.
The Smartphones are the only stuff that know you well, Sometimes more than your friends or family. From the very basic communications to deadly secrets are being stored in the Smartphones. Having a good Smartphone with you, is just like having a good friend. All your things stays as a secret with a good friend.Right?

Below are some of the facts that you should care if you are planning to go for a new Smartphone.

Operating System

The most important part of the Smartphone is the OS on which the device runs. The OS is the part that controls the device’s whole operations. Using a Smartphone that comes with a bad OS is like having a friend with bad behaviors. We will never know his intentions or plans.

The most popular Operating System used for mobile devices are Android, iOS, Windows etc. Apart from these OS’s there are hundreds of other OS that are still unknown from the outside world. It is never safe to depend those OS’s for your needs. You can never even guess where your data’s will fly without you even knowing. We can’t really make comparison with the Android, iOS and the Windows. All these OS work hard to ensure more security for the user from the outside. It is always recommended to use an OS which is widely used around the globe.


The really image quality of the Camera is not only depend upon the no’s of Megapixels of the camera. There are many other factors that shapes the quality of the images. You might have felt this too sometimes. You might sometime get a much better image from a low MP camera.

The DxOmark frequently updates their databases(Click HERE to View) about the Camera rating of the latest devices in the market. You can visit the DxOmark website to view the camera rating of the device that you are planing to buy. According to the DxOmark, 100 is the rating that they give for our naked eyes. The rating of the device is shown in comparison with it. Until now the highest rated Smartphone is the the Google Pixel. The Pixel has scores a rating of 89 out of 100, beating the iPhone 7 with a score of 86.

Processor and memory Specs

Most of the people go after the devices with high Processor and Memory specifications. In-fact it is always better to go for those devices, but you do have to care about the type of processor used for the device. There are many Smartphone processor manufactures out there like Qualcomm, Intel, Apple, ARM etc. Choosing a Smartphone with high specification processors from a bad vendor is a total blunder. For the long therm use of the device, its better to have an efficient processor than a faster one. Many depreciated Snapdragon processors are being enrolled in many low-end budget smartphones. Choosing such a Smartphone is a bad idea.
This is same in the case of the Memory(RAM). Sometimes a device with 1GB ram(Memory) might perform well than a device with 2GB of Memory. This is because, there are many types of RAM’s there in the market. The DDR3 RAM has better performance than a DDR2 RAM which is loosing it’s grip in the market. Thus a device with a DDR2 memory might seem faster to you, but in fact this is only just an illusion.

SAR value

The SAR value is the maximum radiation allowed to be emitted from a device. The allowed SAR value in you place might differ from country to country. Some Vendors offer devices with SAR value simply just below the recommended SAR value in a country to market their product in respective places. Their priorities are only about making profit than the users health. Most of the Chinese phones emit a large amount of radiation are are only being sold in the countries where the SAR restrictions are minimal.
Those devices with high SAR value can affect your health very badly. So rather than taking a risk of life, why not spent more and use your device more peacefully?


When it comes to the display, most of the devices now days provides a good quality resolution image Outputs. But only few among them are made to adapt your eyes. You eyes are much complicated than you think. Un-managed light source from the device can even result in loosing eye sight.
Some Smartphone allows you to highly customize the LED back light intensity of the display to a great extend. Such devices should be given priority when you need a Smartphone. Some of the cheap smartphone might exhibit a good display picture, but might not allow to reduce eye strains in low lighting conditions like night time.
It’s more important to take care of your eyes than going for those devices.

Build Quality

Some of the budget smartphones comes with high specifications, but in most of the cases their build quality might be poor. This is not just the case of cheap smartphones, but also with the high end one’s. Some vendor even uses plastics bodies to reduce the weight of the device. If you are a big lover of weightless devices, you can go for those devices, but if you really want your device to stay healthy for a long time, then it would be a bad choice to go for a weightless one.


Of-course the devices that follow all the efficient methods described above are expensive. Even some the Budget oriented smartphones do follow these protocols with less efficiently.

Why not spend a little more so that you can use it in long term? Remember your device is not just your servant but your partner. !