TeamViewer  allows you to remotely connect to any PC around the World. All you should have is the TeamViewer Application running on both the devices. This Articles teaches you how to setup your PC to allow access from Other PC’s or even smartphones.
TeamViewer is available for you PC as well as your Smartphones. You can connect to/from to an Android device too.

Steps :

  1. Download and install the TeamViewer Application from their website or from If your are having an Android device, you will have to find the Application from the Google Play Store.
  2. You can set up your own personal password from the Security Section inside the Options menu. If you haven’t set the default password, the TeamViewer automatically set up a new password each time it connect to the internet. The ID of your PC will always be the same. This means, once you have a static password for your Home PC’s TeamViewer, you get access to your PC from anywhere in the world at any time.Options menu in TeamViewer to change the default password for incomming connections
  3. One you are done with the installation of the TeamViewer, the next step is to install the Application on your remote PC or Laptop (The device though which you want to access your Home PC).
  4. You can easily gain Access to your Home PC by providing the Username And the static password that you have set-up on that device in step 2. After the Authentication, You will be able to watch you Home PC’s Desktop inside your Laptop.teamviewer gain access on remote pc username form

Thats it. Now you can use your home PC like you are physically right in front of it !!