If you are searching for alternatives for photo editing software like photoshop you’ve reached the perfect place. Here is a list of the best free alternatives for photo editing software that can offer most of the functionalities of other paid software out there in the market.


Best Alternatives For Paid Photo Editing Software's

Pixlr is an online photo editing software by Autodesk. It’s a strong and simple web based software which looks and functions similar to that of photoshop. It’s a layer based software that allows the user to manipulate photos using photo adjustments and filters. You can upload images from your computer or use online images. It’s a major opponent for photoshop and upon all that it’s free making it one of the best free photo editing software‘s.



Best Alternatives For Paid Photo Editing Software's
Gimp is one of the best-known alternatives for photoshop available on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Originally developed for Linux, Gimp is an open source software that allows users to retouch and edit their photos efficiently.

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Best Alternatives For Paid Photo Editing Software's

While above-listed programs are meant for professionals, Photoscape is a free tool that’s more user-friendly. Photoscape provides a simple interface which allows the user do simple photo enhancements and editing. Photoscape is available on Windows and Mac.

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Best Alternatives For Paid Photo Editing Software's

Polarr is a free Photo editing software and a great alternative for Adobe Lightroom. Specifically designed for retouching and editing photos. Polarr comes with instant filters which can be applied easily and are mainly used by photographers. The main highlight of this software is that it supports a wide range of platform. Polarr is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Mac and Linux

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Best Alternatives For Paid Photo Editing Software's

Picassa is a free software powered by Google that lets you manage, view and edit photos on your computer. It comes with unique features and settings which make a handy tool for your computer. Picassa helps a user to connect directly to their Google account to access Photos for viewing and editing. It also allows users to backup their photos to the online drive. Picassa is available for windows and Mac OS X.

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Best Alternatives For Paid Photo Editing Software's

Paint.NET is a simple open source photo editing software available on windows. Pain.NET is similar to Gimp by functionality but offers a much simpler user interface. Paint.NET is best for beginners who want some quick edits on their photos.

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