can really hide ourselves?

So, how to stay fully anonymous online? The fact is the whole idea of staying anonymous on the internet is foolish. Not fully foolish but surely it’s a joke. There are no real ways to stay anonymous online. The reality is you can be always tracked online the only question is how many resources does the person who wants to track you want to devote to try to track you.

There are many tutorials online on how to stay anonymous online on YouTube and different blogs by using multiple proxies, VPN and tor network. But the fact is even if you decide to route your package through a list of proxy servers, you can still get tracked.

Does TCP/IP supports anonymity?

TCP/IP for the Internet protocol was actually developed to communicate between trusted computers. There were no ideas of being anonymous at that time. This means that our current network systems are never build to support anonymity. Apart from the usages of proxies, the usage of VPN network is also not much anonymous. Recently the FBI managed to crack down a bunch of tor users by cracking the tor networks.

Problem with Proxy

There are many proxy server available for our use. Not every server among them are fully anonymous. Choosing such a server is not at all safer. So what if you are only depending on the Elite Servers only? The Elite servers cannot protect us always. When you are accessing a webpage via a proxy the ip address that the website receives will be that of the proxy server that we have setup. But there are many ways to get the full routeing data of the packets transferring from the server by the server. So the server can easily sort out the path though which the data gram moves.

From this perspective the only way to stay anonymous is to steal someone else’s computer, choose a random open WiFi network or even crack one.