About 80% of Android user does not wish to spend money on Apps. This is the only reason why the Paid Apps get lesser downloads than the free Apps. But you don’t have to worry. This article teaches you how to download any paid Android Apps developed for the Android devices.

There are many Software repositories out there in the Internet. You will find tons of users daily uploading millions of software‘s and Apps. Most of the file hosting websites hide the user data from the outside world. But there are few sites that allows other users including anonymous and guest users to download the files uploaded by other users. One among them is the 4shared.com.

All you have to do to download an Android paid App is –

Steps :

  1. Simply create an account with 4shared.
  2. Search for the Apps or files that you are looking for in the search input field.
  3. Open the file from the results returned after the search and the download it.

That’s it ! This simple trick can be used to find and download any Paid Android Apps without even spending a single penny !. Enjoy downloading, Start playing 🙂