By the beginning of this very year, there has been many news about the initiative of Google to provide free internet access to the remote areas in India. The Google planned to provide the free internet with the help of the balloons floating in the Atmosphere. On the other hand when Google made their ideas come true with their balloons, Facebook were looking forward with the idea of using drones. There had been many big dispute among the tech geeks and scientist about the application of both these techniques.

So what are the plans of Facebook in India?

Even though the Facebook initiative to provide free internet with the flying drones were successful, the activities of Facebook in association with the Indian railway is not entirely depend upon the drones rather than the usual ways we have. The recent activities of Facebook in India gives a faint idea that they might be the first to provide the freely accessible WiFi network for the People in Indian. The people of India as well as the Indian Government accepted this Facebook initiatives with both hands. The Chairman of the Indian railway had announced the co-operation of the Indian Railway along with the Facebook India. He also stated that the idea of free  network connectivity won’t be localized to the Indian railway customers or travelers but also to the people in the rural areas.

Providing the free WiFi network can not only make the people more updated but also improves the Facebook Business to a great extend. The Indian Railway and the Facebook is still working on the expansion of the network to other station in different parts of the country as well. The support provided by the Indian government and the Facebook for providing free internet access is a great appreciable effort. You too can hope the WiFi spot provided by the Facebook will reach your city as well.

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