New computer threats are being released and used by the hackers day by day. This is same as in the case of mobile Spy Apps which  sends your valuable information’s and daily activities to other peoples around you. It’s time for you to learn the risks that you take while leaving this security threats as in-significant. The security risks of spy Apps is much higher in the Android platform compared to the other mobile Operating systems like Windows and iOS. The Android platform is the most widely used mobile operating platform in the world. So it is important that every Android user must be aware about the Security treats that can spoil your day or even Whole life.

Setting up a spy App on your personal smartphone is not a difficult task for your friends or family. Once the App is setup, the App continues to save and send every single activities that your Smartphones performs which is in an other way Your personal Activities. The person who setup the App on your device can also input the email to which the App sends the daily activity info’s.

The list of spy apps increases one by one one after the other with much improved and more silent as well as sophisticated data access features. Some of the Apps even record the call and take images from your mobile cameras.

You can easily find out if any Spy App is being executed by the Android system of your smartphone. This Article teaches you how to detect the presence of the much dangerous Spy Apps inside your android system. Once you detect the presence of the Application you can easily remove the app from your system. The Steps below will show you the very basic method to odd out the thief in your device.

Steps :

  1. Open-up the Settings. Under the ‘device‘ section you will find an ‘Application‘ menu link. In some devices the menu will be names as simply ‘App‘.
  2. The page shows a list of app.By default the Android displays the Downloaded (User Installed) Apps. Carefully check for any unwanted Applications or any other Apps which are installed without the users knowledge. Usually the Spy Apps never creates a shortcut App inside the Android main App List. An other way to detect the Spy app is, these apps usually will never have a custom App-icon, instead the app will be showing with the icon of the android app logo green color android head default android logo.
    Note : never check the ‘All App‘ list to find the spy app. There might be various system apps.  You will find the Spy app in the ‘Downloaded Apps‘ section if it is installed on your device.
  3. One you find out the Spy App inside your system, simply click on the App to view the App settings.
  4. Click on the ‘uninstall’ and wait until the process finishes.