Knowing the Baseband version of your device is equally important as knowing your device. One can even find out the device model details and also find the currently installed version of Android OS from the Baseband version of a device. You can find out the Baseband version of your device inside the the ‘About Device‘ window inside the ‘Device settings‘.

So How do i get it?

Open the ‘Device Settings‘  inside your Android System and scroll to the bottom until you find the ‘About Device‘ Option.

device Settings on android highlighting about phone samsung galaxy s advance techusall

Tap on the ‘About Device‘. The system takes you to the Device Information window. If you look carefully you will find the details like the Baseband version, Builds Number, Android Version, Kernel versions etc. Below the Baseband version you will find an alpha-numeric code. This code is the Baseband version of your device.

baseband version of samsung galaxy grand prime kitkat a0a2 techusall

The Baseband version begins with the Device model number and the Baseband number and the System version of the device succeeds it. Now you know how to find the Baseband version of your device. If you are going though any issues please let me know !.