Release Date

The release of Samsung Galaxy S8 is not announced by Samsung Till now. But the device is expected to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2017. We have got many months ahead of us for this event, but be can hope S8 will be a huge hit in the Smartphone market. The device is expected to be launched by the April 2017. The device will be announced by the Samsung in the up-coming Mobile World Congress Event. The device will reach our hands with-in months after the official announcement. So our targeting event is the Mobile World Congress where the Company reveals the Specs of the Beast, The Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review, Release,Specs


When it comes to the display there is nothing much to rumour about. This is because if we look at the Samsung flagship model released in the past, every device comes with a display size of 5.1 inch screen. The previous model S7 in the ‘S’ series had a variant known as ‘S7 Edge’ which had a screen size of 5.5 inches. We can hope that Samsung might stick on to their default display size when it comes to the their next flagship model S8. It is sure that Samsung will also announce a variant S8 Edge In the next MWC(Mobile World Congress).

The feature that every one waits for in the next Samsung flagship model is the 4K display resolution. The present flagship model S7 has a 1,440 x 2,560 pixels resolution display. The rumours about the 4K resolution started before the release of S7. So we can’t really depend on it.

Virtual Reality headsets is another gadget that makes the S8 more than what we expect. The Samsung virtual reality headset Gear VR, had a support on the S7 devices. This time if S8 comes with a 4K display the Virtual Reality gets more n more sweeter. With a 4K display resolution, the device can output much more than Virtual Reality that we experience today.

Expected Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S7 runs on two processor – A Snapdragon and Samsung Native Exynos processor. The S8 is expected to have a better efficient Processor than the one on S7. It is also rumored that the coming processor is more energy-efficient and much more powerful than the previous architecture. Any the device wont let you down in performance. The has more than enough specs for performing all your data’s.


The camera department is the main attraction point of the ‘S’ series Smartphones. The Galaxy S7 has a 12 MP Primary Camera, which is really an amazing beast in photography. The Galaxy S8 will surely have a much better version of camera from  S7. The S7 has a dual-pixel technology apart from the Galaxy S6 model, which had a 16 MP primary camera. Event if the picture Resolution of images was decreased on S7 apart from S6, the picture quality has increase amazingly due to the dual-pixel technology. S8 might have the same technology used in it, as the technology was the attractive feature of the Galaxy S7.