On the Announcing event of the Google Assistant feature on the upcoming  Google Pixel Smartphones, the current CEO of the Google Sundar Pichai claimed that Google is having more than 70 billion facts about people, places and things inside their knowledge graph. The Google Assistant Software on the Android devices makes use of these facts to get the details of the things around you on your finger tips.

Where does these facts come from?

Does this fact makes you scary? If not, its time to be. Where does Google finds these info’s about us? The answer is Google Searches. If Google needs to have 70 billion information’s about the people in their knowledge graph, they will have to sneak though our Google searches that we make every day. This proves the fair possibility that the Google saves our search details to attain these fact details inside their server. This makes no harm as far as the Google makes this info’s confidential.

But for the present its damn pretty to know that Google is the largest data base in the world that can ever give us all the information’s that we need at our finger tips. With the large and much efficient knowledge graph, the google Search Assistance can make our life much much simpler as it moves from day after the other.

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