Jio recently launched the JioFi 2 in India. The JioFi 2 device comes under the category of MiFi. Mifi’s are the devices that act as a Stand-Alone Wifi Hotspot provider that has no other functions than just providing a WiFi hotspot. The JioFi 2 cost about 3,000 and is shipped to its users with a free Jio Network connections that gives you Unlimited access to the high speed 4G internet for 90 days as a trial and of-course for free 🙂 . This is more than what you wish for. An Unlimited access to the 4G internet can give you a hell lot of entertainments. You can make a JioFi 2 yours from the Reliance Digital Store very next to you.

How does the JioFi 2 Look like ?

The JioFi 2 at the first glimpse might give you any surprises. It is simply just like any other Hotspot devices. The device has a round power button on the bottom side of its front face. JioFi 2 has the indicators like the battery, network signal, data connectivity status, connectivity, WPS status etc.

The device has a stylist black shades all over its body. The device feels like a smartphone with a small display but, it ain’t. JioFi 2 has the ‘Jio‘ Logo written on it at the center of its face. The device has a micro USB port in the right side for charging and a WPS – Protected Setup – button on the other side.

Whats Inside the JioFi 2 ?

jiof1 2 inside view what's inside the jiofi 2 mifi

The JioFi 2 comes with a 2,300 mAh battery, which is a good spec for the device for it to stay alive for more hours or even days. The device also has a micro SD card slot where you can store the files that you wish. The device act as a MiFi and a Storage at the same time. The storage is expandable up to 32 GB. This is a marvelous feature that allows every one those who are connected to the hotspot to share the files easily and reliably.

jiof1 2 battery capacity what's inside the jiofi 2 mifi


The JioFi 2 allows a maximum of 32 devices to be connected to it at the same time. Of course it would decreases the speed of the internet connection but its often very useful at the situation when the number of people to be connected is prior to the network speeds.

JioFi 2 boots much faster unlike other MiFi devices on the market. The device instantaneously connects to the 4G network and provide the Hotspot as soon as it can make a connection with the internet.
An other feature of the device is that it automatically turns off when no devices are connect to it, which can save a hell lot of battery without wasting it by maintaining a connection all the time.


The JioFi 2 is a wonderful device that gives you access to unlimited entertainments anytime you wish to have it. If you are a serious internet user and do not wish to compromise with the internet speeds, the device is a good choice for youfor you . As a one time offer the Jio provides you with free unlimited 4G internet connection for 90 days time period. This is more than enough offer that you will ever have.