Yea, its true. Never mess with the build.prop file stored inside the ‘system’ folder inside the root directory of your android device. The build.prop file is one of the most important file of your android system. If you are not much aware about this file or its importance and usages, I highly recommend you to stay away from it. LOL 😀

Why So?

Making changes to the build.prop file can affect your Android system directly. An altered build.prop  file might take your device to the unlimited boot loops at the time when you power-up your device. Every android devices checks the values inside the build.prop file before it boots the Android to your device. Since this file is the only source for the boot loader to check the status of the device the device might not be able to boot the OS successfully without the details included in this file.

Some people believes that changing the values inside the build.prop file also makes changes to their hardware configurations as well. But to be frank i would say, this is bull shit. Of course it makes changes to some of the properties like the status of the USB Debugging feature, GPS, HDMI (if those features are available)etc, but it can never make any changes to the hardware properties of your device.

Some times, even if you only made small changes inside the build.prop file like changing the value or status of the GPS or USB debugging, the bootloader might get stuck at the boot process. This is due to the error in the syntax that you might have made inside the file. But you will be really screwed if you completely changed the file with a different file from any other device. This is because if you haven’t replaced the file totally, you can revert all the changes that you have made by flashing the stock firmware of your device. You can easily recover the changes by flashing the stock firmware of your device. Every firmware flashing tools compares the values of the build.prop files with the firmware version or model number of the device stored on the stock firmware. If they doesn’t matches each other, you can never flash even the stock ROM to your device. This will result in the bricking of your device and put your device into a limbo.

If you have any issues related to this, feel free to comment it. I will always be happy to help you !