Just go back into the past and think of – How the Nokia phones played a vital role in our life. No one can ever forget a Nokia device if it was their first phone in life. Nokia was the real magic in the early 2000. The set back of the company began with the decision to stick on to their native Symbian OS for their devices.

When the android devices gained popularity among wide range of Smartphone users , it was on the other side, the fall back of Nokia. Even is there was a fare attempt from Nokia before by releasing Nokia X, the device gained no attraction due to the resemblance  of the Windows Mobile GUI. All was a night mare for the Nokia and the price they had to pay was much bigger.

The are many rumors about the launch of the new Android powered Nokia Smartphone in the market. The name of the device is expected to be as Nokia P1. We have got no other choices than hoping, Nokia has learned from their mistakes. Nokia targets the device to run on the Android system apart from their native Symbian or Windows OS. Due to agreement with Microsoft Nokia might not be able to use the ‘Nokia’ brand name for a time period. Which means, the Nokia lovers will surely have to wait for some time for the final release of the device in the market.

Expected Specs of the device

The device has a good resemblance of the Sharp Aquos P1 Smartphone. The Nokia P1 is expected to have the same specs as that of the Aquos P1 Smartphone. Aquos P1 has a Quad-Core Snapdragon 2.20 GHz processor along with a 3 GB memory capacity.

This is a faint guess which is a 50-50 chance. There should be no reasons to believe that the expected specs will be much higher than this, because the device that comes to hit the market should have some features and qualities that makes it unique. So lets hope for the best. !