Are you hardly trying to get the Adsense approval for your website? Are you desperate to see the denied approval message again and again from Google? Are you fed up with tons of useless contents on different webpages on how to get Google Adsense approval easily for your website? You are at the right place. I have too experienced your situation once. To get the Adsense approval for your website from Google you should know the verification process that Google Undertakes to check if your website meets the basic requirements specifies by Google.

The Verification process is done in two steps. The first step is done by the Google Robots. The second phase of the verification is done by human resources inside Google. This page shows you how to pass the Google Adsense two step verification process.

HOW to pass the First Step verification?

As I told you, the first step verification is processed by the Google Bots. The Google Bots first checks if the website has enough text content on it. Before submitting your site for the approvel, you should make sure that your website follows the guidelines described below

You should make sure that the page of website that you submit in the Adsense for the aprovel of the ads, must have enough content in its front page for the Bots to analyse and crawl though them. The text on the site is what represents the whole website. This rule or guideline is made by the Google not only to make sure that the site is old enough but also to make sure what the website is about.
An important thing to remember is that there is no use in simply increasing the post count of your website if you are working on any blog platforms. If you are having a WordPress or blogger account only a definite number of posts are shown in the home page at a time. The remaining post are shown in different pages with links to it like ‘older post’, ‘newer post’ etc. This won’t help you if you are submitting the home directory of our webpage in you Google Adsense approval request. This is a common mistake that happens to almost all bloggers. So what should be done to overcome this mistake? The only way you can do this is, you should have more contents on the front page of the website.

WordPress users

If you are having a WordPress or blogger platform only the short description of the articles are displayed in the front page. The way followed commonly is to edit the theme of the WordPress. The ‘index.php‘ is the file which is accessed when any one access the front/home page of the site. Inside ‘index.php‘ find the ‘the_exerpt();‘ function and then replace it with ‘the_content();‘ This is not a good practice but, your front page should have enough text contents for the Crawler to analyse. You can also increase the ‘$max-post’ variable value(variable name might be different in your system), so that the WordPress engine shows more no of posts than the default number of post. You can also depend upon SEO oriented WordPress themes for this purpose. Such theme does all the things and you won’t have to worry anything else.

Blogger Users

There are various blog templates available for blogger. There are many SEO oriented templates mainly made for the optimization of the website. This template does all the duty for you. They know what exactly is needed to make to have a better ranking webpage. You can easily download the’.xml‘ template file for blogger and upload it into your blog via blogger. You should test the webpage after the installation of the new theme. This is because, even if the template says it is optimized for the SEO, the template might not display detailed description of the articles on your page. This is not appreciated if you are expecting the Adsense verification to be approved.


If you are not using any platform for writing contents, probably you will be able to make more text to the front page of the website. The only thing you have to do is to create more and more contents to the front page of the website
Your site should not contain any offensive data or information, especially certain keywords like ‘hack‘,’crack‘ etc. There are many other keywords that have been blacklisted by the Google. You should avoid using such keywords inside the article, until you get the full approval for you Adsense account.

The text on the webpage must be unique from other articles on the web. The Google Bots searches for other websites with the keywords that they finds on your webpage. If any similar Articles with similar keywords are found the Google simply rejects your request without any considerations. The Google rejects every webpage that violates the copyright rules. So try to make your own contents for your site rather than copying it from any other websites or articles.

If you follow all the guidelines I mentioned above, your site will easily get approved for the first round of the Adsense verification process. If you passed this verification you will get an email which says you have successfully activated your Adsense account. But this does not fully activates your account. There is another process which is commonly referred as round two.

HOW to Pass the Second Step verification?

The second step verification of the site is done by the humans at Google. This round is not hard compared to the previous round. But this round can be a real head ache since the value of the content of your webpage is reviewed. The Google checks if the articles in your website are good enough to attract the readers to your website. The best way to bypass this verification process is by adding articles related to health. The Google in almost all case approves the sites that provides guidelines about health or human welfare. So try to have some good post that can drive the users into your webpage. If the contents are good enough the visitors to your site will increase dramatically in time. So always create articles/post that can give good impression on people as well as the Google. 🙂

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