Have you ever though of the reasons why Samsung still continues to be the largest mobile manufacturing as well as selling company in the world for the past few years ? The Smartphone market that we have today is so wide that even the total no of Smartphone manufactures in world alone can surprise you with a big number.

The rise of the Samsung in the smartphone arena was in other words the set back of the Nokia. Nokia was once the Mobile manufacturing company that could even control how the world runs. No one would have even though of the Mobile giant’s fall from the arena. Unlike the Nokia, Samsung has managed to stay at the top position as the worlds largest Smartphone selling company for a long time.

An important fact is that, Samsung succeeded  in gaining a huge support from the users of Low-end devices as well as the High-End Smartphone device users. If we look at the opponent manufacturing companies like htc, Apple etc its clear that they were successful with their flagship devices but were not able to attain positions in the minds of Low end smartphone users. If we look at the companies like the micromax, LAVA etc its clear that they could not even make a good step in selling their high end devices but makes a good profit with their low end devices. Samsung is the Only manufacturer that waved the minds of both Budget smartphone users as well as the High-end flagship device lovers.

The reasons behind the success of the Samsung devices is depend upon many factors. They are :-

Low cost devices with better Performance.

Samsung always keeps their device available at a mean cost. The competitors like htc, LG still releases the the Smartphones with less specification for a higher price range compared to Samsung. The Samsung smartphones are the only device that has a good price to specs ratio compared to other smartphones in the market. This is the main reason for the huge success of Samsung smartphones.

Customer care Services ad service centers all over the world.

Samsung has a wide range of service centers or customer care offices all over the world. Unlike the other mobile manufactures, the Samsung has established their firms all over the world. You will probably find a Samsung service center within the range of 5 miles , even in rural localities. You will never have to turn out your whole day in searching for the service center of the device.

UI of the device

Upgrade Galaxy S advance To Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Samsung UI is widely criticized for its slow performance but the UI is definity what drives many people to it. The UI provides many features in the OS. The UI is very much handy to a new smartphone user. Even though the UI is little buggy, it really makes the life of a smartphone user much simpler.

Switching into Larger Screen

Samsung has revised the theory of mobile devices with its larger screen size. At times when people though mobile devices should remain smaller in size, Samsung revised the theory with larger devices. They realized that Smart devices should have a larger display screen to have a much better Smartphone experience.

Stylish Design

One of the most attractive part of the Samsung devices is its attractive looks. With the launch of the S series, it was Samsung who showed the people that, a mobile device can be both powerful as well as sexy !.

Upgrade Galaxy S advance GT I9070I9070P to Carbon 4.4.2 Custom OS

After the patent issues from the Apple the Samsung moved do the candy design which was not widely accepted in the market. But now, once again Samsung makes their devices sexy with the A series and J series devices. Unlike the candy design the Samsung now produces more stylish devices in the market.

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