Even if it stinks, the truth is you can’t even survive a day without your smart phone. Have you ever thought of loosing your Android Smartphone? or what if you lost it? You might can’t even think of such a situation of loosing it for ever. But sooner or later, some day you might have to face it. You might loose it by chance or sometime it might have gone stolen. Since this is a fair chance you will have to prepare you device to act wisely at the time of this chaos.

If you have a security lock already setup for your device, you wont have to worry much about your personal data’s inside your device.This is not the case always. Sometimes your device might have no security lock. If this is the situation, You will surely be in a limbo.

So What Do We Do?

Now a days an average user must know how to recover their android device if they lost it somewhere. Have you heard of the app ‘where’s my droid‘? With this app you can easily find your device no matter where you lost it. If your device is lost, all you have to do is just sent a special keyword – which is already defined by the user at the time of installation to the lost device as an SMS. The App installed on the device recognizes the message and act accordingly. You can set up the device to do several things like lock your device remotely, wipe all user data, make the device ring at a highly volume, sent GPS signals, take pictures using camera etc. You can also access the device with an online Agent of the app called Commander.

To setup this app on your device follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Download the ‘where’s my droid‘ App from Google Play Store. Install it on your device.

Step 2 : Open the installed App from your device.

where's my droid opening screen commander login

First the App ask for the user to login/Create account on the Commander web-based client to monitor and manage the device more efficiently. For now we can simply skip this step because the user can link their device to the Commander any time later. Simply click skip on the lower right of the screen.

Step 3 : The App opens up and shows a bunch of options. To edit the keyword used to inform the device about the situation, click on the ‘Attention Words‘ button inside the App. You can edit individual values for different purposes like ‘Ring’, ‘GPS’, ‘Lock’ etc. where's my droid opening screen attention keywordsThese different keywords are for the selection of different behavior of the device at different situations. Sometimes you just want to Ring the device, or capture the image with the phone camera secretly and sent to your account in case of stolen device.