You cant’t always carry around your PC at your home with you. But you will certainly wish you can have some important data’s from your Home PC. At some point you might have though of, whether this problem has a solution. Of-course there is a solution from the network giant Google. With the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ you can access your Home PC or any PC of yours from any part of the world at any time. The only requirement for this is that you should have this App installed on your Android Smartphone and the PC you wish to remotely connect should have the Chrome browser installed in it, along with a Chrome Browser extender app installed. This extension is what that makes an interface to the Local PC from the Android Device with which you tries to connect.

This feature is currently only available in Android, iOS as well as the PC users. You can use your iPad, iPhone, any android device as well as any other PC’s to access the remote desktop PC. You can connect to any PC that run on either Windows, Linux or Mac OSx. The remote access to the PC allows to transfer data from the system to your mobile device like smartphones or tablets with much ease. You can also do whatever you wish to do with your PC from the remotely connected Android device.

The communication between your devices are guaranteed to be encrypted by the Google. The sensitive data transfer to/from your devices are not safe if they are not having an end-end encrypted communication. From the information provided by the Google, not even google can access the data in between the participating devices in the data transfer.

After you have installed the App on your Android device and the Web plugin on the Browser on the Home PC, you will have to first authenticate the plugin with the Chrome Remote Desktop App to provide access to the PC that you connect remotely. When you install the Web plugin on the Chrome browser, you will be asked to type a PIN. This pin is gonna be the key to access your PC fro many remotely connecting device, which can be an Android device or an iPhone or even another PC. You will have to enter this PIN when you create a remote connection from the Chrome Remote Desktop App.

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