Most of the devices have a build in option to set the network mode to LTE only. But certain Android OS only allows you to choose a preferred network over other network mode. Personally I experienced this problem on my Carbon Custom 4.4.4 Kitkat on my device. This is actually a simpler process.

The Android System provided the API to change/set the Network mode to different options. But you will only see some of the options inside the Mobile Network settings option inside the Settings App in your device. To set your network to any mode you wish, just follow the steps exactly as explained below.

Steps :

1.Open the ‘Phone‘ App inside the device. On the keypad, press the following code without quotes – ‘ *#*#4636#*#* ‘.

android window showing Phone Information

2.A new window opens up with few option in it. Select the ‘Phone Information‘ from the list. This takes you to an other window.

android window showing Set Preferred network type option Phone Information

3.Scroll down until you find the ‘Set Preferred network type:‘ option. Below it you will see a selector. Click on it, and then choose the network mode you wish. 🙂

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