It would not make sense to pair your quality gaming PC with a standard mouse or keyboard. Pair your quality gaming devices with a quality gaming mouse. You will get a wider range of gaming mouse brands online. These mice are developed only for intense gaming, thus your gaming experience will be amazing with these gadgets no doubt.

Aiming, slashing, attacking and targeting will be easier with these gaming devices. Some important moves and actions in PC gaming occur with only clicking the mouse. These gaming mice will deliver responsive tracking, reliable connectivity, smooth scroll functions and basic clicks.



All of the quality gaming mice are built with high quality sensor that provides accuracy and precision. Standard mice are developed with optical sensors that deliver fair tracking sensitivity. Gaming mice are developed with laser sensors that deliver much better tracking on the other hand.

Some of them are built with dual sensors providing high accuracy tracking as well as delicate tracking too. Every gaming mouse is built with new customizable software that truly helps in increasing your productivity. These gaming mice can be used in other programs like Photoshop and excel rather than its main function of gaming.

Most of the gaming mice are developed for providing extra comfort to their users, thus many of them can be customized physically. Users can remove some weight, can shift their center of balance or can easily adjust the height of the palm rest.

Taking advantage of gaming gadgets for improving gaming skills is easier but finding a reliable hardware among the wide variety and range may be a difficult task.

This list will surely help you in finding a reliable gaming mouse for yourself. The complete set of gaming gadgets including gaming PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse helps in building a gaming atmosphere and a perfect gaming atmosphere is a desire of gamer’s heart.

1.Logitech G900

A wireless mouse will be perfect for intense gaming and Logitech G900 is equipped with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. Logitech G900 has enhanced optical sensor that translate user’s hand movement on the screen with laser speed and accuracy.

Logitech G900 gaming mouse is built with customizable design to comfort its user’s hand. The mechanical pivot buttons are fully configurable and also designed for right or left handed user. The customizable design provides extra grip that is necessary while gaming.

This lightweight device is precisely engineered for comfort and its extra durability provides longer period of use. Logitech G900 gaming mouse is built with the latest technology ensuring quicker response, durability and high performance for the latest high resolution graphic oriented video games.

2. Corsair Harpoon



Another masterpiece from Corsair, Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse. Corsair Harpoon is loaded with 6000 optical sensor that provides highly accurate and responsive results. These sensors are built with advanced tracking technology that delivers a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

Its contoured design and extra scroll grip provide natural fit to support its every user play style. Loaded with six programmable buttons on the surface will help in sending quick commands during super fast actions games. Your custom settings would be saved automatically on the onboard memory of the mouse.

This gaming mouse is built with dynamic multi color backlighting and DPI switching providing virtually countless customization. Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse is compatible with laptop and PC.

3. RAZER Mamba



Razer Mamba is ergonomically designed for control, comfort, and customization. Tournament edition Razer Mamba laser gaming mouse is built for serious gamers. Razer Mamba is one of the précised gaming mouse built amazingly with 16,000 DPI sensors.

This will truly help users in getting an edge over their game. Razer Mamba is built to track 1 DPI increments and to react with invincible accuracy. With this gaming mouse, users can experience their game with extra precision and detail. Razer Mamba is equipped with nine programmable independent buttons and a unique tilt click scroll-wheel.

Brilliantly designed this gaming mouse is built to deliver extra comfort to your hand and reduces stress when you are on the game. Created with durable and sustainable material this device is perfect for extended game-play sessions. Razer Mamba is built to deliver comfort during gaming sessions with précising accuracy.

Loaded with countless color options, users can change the Razer’s logo, side strips, and scroll wheel just the way they like it. You can choose yours favorite lightening effect from the variety of options and discover an exclusive style for your game play.

4. Speedlink Decus



Users can maintain their precision and focus with Speedlink Decus gaming mouse. Speedlink Decus gaming mouse delivers huge customizable options. Built with bursting colors this gaming mouse is made to build a perfect gaming atmosphere.

Speedlink Decus gaming mouse not just help you in focusing in the game but it seems to be the part of your game because of its streamlined design and vibrant color coating. Its rubberized sides, extended finger indents, and grippy scroll delivers maximize comfort.

5.Mad Catz



The key factor for your success is the accuracy of your gaming devices and Mad Catz gaming mouse built with PixArt optical 5000 DPI infrared sensor always delivers that accuracy. No software guided adjustments or acceleration mean users will get total control on their game.

Mad Catz has dual DPI options, thus the user can easily switch between them. The dual DPI feature will help the user to boost its productivity and skill whether he is dealing with speed actions in MOBA or targeting accuracy in FPS.

Mad Catz is in the list of lightest gaming mouse available weighing just 77 grams. An agile and sleek design delivers comfort to user’s fingers without compromising with the accuracy and performance. Mad Catz gaming mouse delivers quick response immediately and translates its commands in game actions with laser speed.




Switches and buttons especially switches makes this mouse totally different. Asus Rog is built with a push fit socket design and this design allows its users to customize switches for better click resistance and performance. This feature is also helpful in extending the life of the mouse by easily replacing broken or worn switches.

Built with aggressive aesthetic design and aura-sync RGB lighting, Asus Rog seems to be the part of the game. The easily customizable backlighting helps it users in setting their mood for the game.

Whether you are dealing with a sniper in a combat game or chasing down in a racing game, Asus Rog DPI target button will be your true ally. You can switch between the DPI sensitivity by holding down or up the DPI target button.

7. Razer Abyssus-V2



Razer Abyssus-V2 will be your true companion in tournament grade games. Brilliantly designed this device is an essential gaming device for all playing styles. Razer Abyssus-V2 comes with an improved 5,000dpi optical sensor with rubberized side grips.

Razer Abyssus-V2 is designed for intense and ambidextrous gaming. No matter whether you are left or right handed gamer, Razer Abyssus-V2 gaming mouse delivers comfort to your fingers and extra grip and swiftness during most intense gaming sessions.

Razer Abyssus-V2 is packed with a 5,000dpi optical sensor that is enough to deliver greater responsiveness and sensitivity to enhance your gaming skills. Brilliantly built this device is able to translate your in-game commands into quick movements never missing a single moment of your game.

The rubberized grip delivers absolute control to your game. The unique design provides extra comfort and keeps you in the game.

8. WASDkeys



WASDkeys gaming mouse is built for intense gaming. It is a laser gaming mouse with incredibly high resolution. WASDkeys gaming mouse comes with a 4000dpi laser sensor that makes this device fast and responsive.

Brilliantly designed this gaming mouse has finger rest feature with a replaceable heel. It has also amazing data transfer speed that is 8x faster than the standard USB plug. Basically, this mouse is built for right handed users and will deliver extra comfort and luxe.

Its surface is equipped with six buttons that are soft to touch and enough durable for hard hitting during games. Loaded with a lot of backlighting options available, so that user can set the backlight according to the mood. Featured with on board memory that is necessary for saving your settings after the game.

9. 3Dconnexion Spacemouse



3Dconnexion Spacemouse gaming mouse is a 3D controller type gaming mouse. This mouse is compatible with the MAC operating system. Built with the latest and updated sensor technology that makes this mouse enough responsive.

3Dconnexion Spacemouse gaming mouse has 15 keys on its surface enable its user to create more shortcut command keys. Amazingly it is equipped with 3600 scroll wheel that will make your moves totally killer. Ergonomically designed this gaming mouse will deliver a solid grip as well as extra response.

10. Corsair Katar



Corsair Katar is built amazingly with the 8,000dpi optical sensor. Built to deliver extreme accuracy and response for MOBA and FPS gaming. Zero acceleration delivers precise tracking for champion kills and headshots.

This gaming mouse is developed with the zero-lag interface. Corsair Katar gaming mouse is brilliantly programmed to maintain its speed according to the situation of the game. This unique feature helps users to create a gaming environment instantly. Equipped with four programmable buttons this gaming mouse gives ways to your gaming.


The global market for gaming consoles and gadgets nowadays have a larger community of customers than ever. Daily innovation and latest technology have take gaming to a new level. The gaming industry is increasing continuously with no sign of downfall.

This rising industry has given us many different manufacturers and lots of new ones are yet to come. This competition is necessary for making the gaming devices much better. All of these gaming mice included in this list are awesome with their feature and no doubt built to fulfill the desires of a game.