Making websites offline is not actually the right method of surfing on web in the right sense. The content you see on the webpage might not be the same when you visit the next time. This is because webpages are frequently updated with information one after the other. Once you made the copy of the entire webpage you looses all the connection of the webpages with the database. You will only have the stand alone copy of the webpage that will always be the same everytime you visit it inside your browser.

HTTrack Website Copier is the tool commonly and widely used for making offline copies of the websites. You can download the tool for your Windows PC as well as for your Android device to Make offline copies of your favorite website. The tool is now made available on the Android as well. The user can make the downloaded copies for offline web surfing even from their smartphones. !!


HTTrack Website Copier – DOWNLOAD


  1. Install the downloaded file to your PC. Open the httrack_x64-3.48.22.exe  from the installation folder.
  2. You can either create a new project or resume an incomplete project. click next to continue.
  3. Set the Name of the Project, it’s category and the storage location of the project and click Next to set the URL of the website to be downloaded.
  4. You can add more than one URL to the project. All you have to do is add the URL’s of the websites one after one. You will never have to start a new project every time you want to make some thing offline. You can do it all in a single mouse button click from here.
  5. When everything is done, click Next to start coping the files from the server of the respective URL’s.

If you are having any issues, please let me know. Just comment it out in the section below.